Welcome to the
Cyprus College of Art

To study at the Cyprus College of Art is to experience a very different type of art education than that which you are likely to be used to. This is because the Cyprus College of Art is a very different type of art institution to British, Irish and North American colleges of art and universities. We make no apologies for this - we are what we are and we are what we want to be. We believe art students are best trained by artists using simple facilities and straightforward principles. In fact we believe all education should be like this, after all, Plato's academy was simply a garden where he and his students met, but they went on to change the world. What is not good for art, artists or students is over-bureaucratic organisations run by pen-pushers, accountants and administrators.

On arrival at the Cyprus College of Art, you will find a small but strong community of artists and students, working hard on their art in a liberal and co-operative environment. There is no office on site, only studios, a small gallery and - in homage to Plato? - a pretty garden. Our approach may make our College a little rough around the edges, but we believe it provides the most suitable training for an artist.

Beyond the College you will find Cyprus is a wonderful place in which to make art. Its artists have over 9,000 years experience behind them, and as a location Cyprus will no doubt inspire you. You can travel the island, explore its landscapes, cityscapes, history and contemporary culture, or take a ferry boat to Egypt, Lebanon, Greece or Palestine - whatever you feel is most appropriate.

We recognise that study at the Cyprus College of Art is not suitable for everyone. It is a very simple place, run with simple ideals. However, regardless of your background, your gender or your age, if you have an attitude to art that corresponds with ours, you may well find that we are the place for you.

Cyprus College of Art 2001