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Nicosia Man

If you like mother’s boys then head for Nicosia.

It is widely accepted on the island that men from the sophisticated capital are usually not far from their mother’s apron string. And this on the island where the mother figure dominates the traditional family anyway.

Should you be invited to meet a Nicosia mother, then you are going to either shape up in her eyes or ship out-and she’ll have the final word about what her son does or doesn’t do .

Other Cypriot describe Nicosia men as Galatopourekka- which translated literally means Butterkids.

Limassol Man

If you are looking for added excitement, then you could do worse than go for Limassol Man. For men from the resort are known to the rest of the island as Mafia people.

When asked why this should be the case, you will be informed it is because “they put bombs in each other’s cars”. The fact that no one can really give you a definite example of this doesn’t seem to matter, as you will still be warned not to park your car in Limassol

Apart from the fact that you might end up sharing a bed with a horse’s head as well, Limassol Man, it is also acknowledged, knows how to have fun and take full advantage of his town’s lively nightlife.

One of the Cypriot jokes about Limassol Man like this:

Question: “Why cannot Limassol men dance like Zorba?"

Answer: “Because they are all wearing handcuffs…”

Larnaka Man

Larnaca Man it seems is the one to treat with extreme care when it comes to relationships .

They are known on Cyprus as “Gypsies”, which is a derogatory term meaning that they can’t be trusted.

It appears that Larnaca Man-as seen by Cyprus women at least - are never happy with one girl at a time and resort to “tricks” to keep a mini harem on the go without any of the conquests knowing about each other.

You can imagine the British male queuing up for Larnaca lessons can’t you?

So if you are into monogamy, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Paphos Man

You’ll know you are in Paphos – according to popular story – when you see the majority of local men are wearing white trousers and white shirts .

This has led to Paphos Men being known as Skoulli – or the Milkmen!

So be careful who you ask for your early morning delivery. He may just be from Paphos.

Ayia Napa Man

Head for Ayia Napa if you want to meet the best looking hunks on the island and that’s not just opinion of Ayia Napa Man himself!

These are reputedly the most handsome, considerate, warm and charming men to be found anywhere on Cyprus .

Ayia Napa Man knows how to treat a girl and likes nothing batter than to keep tourist ladies happy – all of them if he had his way. You’ll notice that these are the guys who walk with attitude. These dudes are John Wayne not Woody Allen.

Whether you are a Doris or Doreen or Barbara, Ayia Napa man will ensure your holiday in Cyprus is the one of a lifetime. Naturally, that’s where I spend most of my time when I’m over there…

Am i too old to find romance in Cyprus

It would be fair to say that you are never too old – or too plain for that matter to find love on Cyprus if you are female.

The very fact that the island is playground or most beautiful of blonde, blue eyed YOUNG Scandinavian girls, with legs reaching up to their armpits and bodies honed to perfection need not concern you.

For those of us British females who are overweight and well past our sell by date always seem to enjoy our fair share of attention from the Cypriot male – no matter what the competition. It would seem then that their mission in life is to please all womenfolk.

If there was ever a case of love geing blind, it certainly often seems to be in Cyprus.

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