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The Life of “DIONYSOS” Limassol folkloric group

“DIONYSOS” folkloric group was formed in Limassol in August 1991. Its founders where people with great interest for the tradition of the island of Cyprus, but also for the preservation of its culture and folkloric arts.

The group among its goals has the teaching and presentation of Cyprus dances, and Greek dances in general, the organising of folk festivals and other cultural events which have as their main objective the preservation of the deep Greek roots the island has.

From the first day of its formation “DIONYSOS” with a large variety of activities like, lectures on tradition, researches on tradition and various performances, works to protect and at the same time present this pure cultural wealth on the island and abroad.

Today, “DIONYSOS” has a complete and well organised dancing group consisting of more than 60 persons, where under the supervision of Andreas and Michael Lanitis, present at each performance something different and spectacular from Cyprus and Greece at festivals inland and abroad with great success.

The group’s participation at International festivals has become a norm nowadays. It has become a great ambassador of the country abroad. Always receiving the best of comments “DIONYSOS” has been characterised as one of the most traditional groups of the island. Only last June the group taking part in the 1st annual contest for the most traditional group of Cyprus, has been awarded the “Most traditional group” award, “The best presentation on stage” award, “The best costume” award and “The best dancer” award out of 32 groups.

Today the group has an academy where different ages study Greek and Cypriot dances. Ages vary from 6 year olds and up-wards.