Thanks very much to Cypress for allowing me to express myself through my free web page.
Cypress is one of the most beautiful places i've ever seen and will never forget the people i met there!! Extremely Awesome!!

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MARCH 2016

A Single Man,His Dog, Patches
and His Mother.

March is one of those months that i'm not real fond of,as it denotes the beginning of Spring or more directly,the end of Winter..I'm just not a Summer person.But i wish upon you,a fantastically great March.

My Mother has recently moved in with me and since we're both very close,living together hasn't created any major upsets ...So far anyway..But i feel that we won't have any eventual problems that are upsetting to the degree of her wanting to leave 'nor my wanting her to move out.

I really don't like seeing the warmer temperatures coming about.It's been in the mid 60's here in the days now, which is quite a rise from the 40's and low 50's we were into until just a week ago./I hope that this area is only having a warm spell and that it dips back into the 40's or lower in the days..But my gut feeling tells me that it's becoming Spring time in Texas.Yuck!!

Seems like,my Mother moved in with me just in time to see the cold days turning to pretty fair weather..Like i said..Yuck!But i DO hope that you're enjoying your life and your days regardless of what the weather is doing in your part of town.If you have a live webcam stream,email the URL to me and i'll give it a view asap.

If your broadcast is originating from a live webcam site,email me the name of the webcam site and the user name that displays there when you broadcast and the time of day or night you're generally there streaming(include the time zone)

As i said,I hope you have a wonderful March..2016 is beginning to feel..uncertain..A new president soon(ie,United States..I frequently forget that many that read this might be from elsewhere)...And new rules and a new government are ahead for us in the near future.Ok,i'm closing here..Have marvelous March okay? I'll be streaming here soon!!