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MaNga 2010 Eurovision Turkey song

Turkey Eurovision 2010

MaNga, the Turkish metal and hardcore rock group was formed in 2001 by the lead singer Ferman Akgün. The other members are Orçun Şekerusta (bass guitar), Özgür Can Öney (Drums), Efe Yılmaz (Turntable) and Cem Bahtiyar (Guitar). The group won a competition Sing Your Song before they became famous. It is also believed that MaNga will have the opportunity to go on promo tours as they have an important contract with SONY Music, only Sertab Erener had the same contract during her Eurovision journey, which resulted in Turkey�s first Eurovision Song Contest win.

The group were recently chosen as the 'Best European Act' at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards in November, held in Berlin, Germany. Lead vocalist Ferman, on behalf of the band, said, "We are taking this award on behalf of our beautiful and lonely country.