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Marcin Mrozinski - Legenda 2010 Eurovision Poland song

Poland Eurovision 2010

Poland at Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 is Marcin Mrozinski - Legenda. Marcin Mrozinski was born on September 26, 1985 in Inowrocław is a Polish actor, singer and television presenter. He grew up with older sister Magda in Inowroclaw. From early childhood he liked to sing, so he gave evidence in the band singing the old music and choir. Mastered the game on the transverse flute.

In the age of nine for the first time participated in a nationwide festival of children's songs, winning first place. He also starred in the musical Where our heroes, where our poets in Bydgoszcz. Competed in the first edition of the Polsat Idol (2002), which reached up to the stage the club. He was awarded many other festivals: French Song, English Songs, Songs of Students and sung poetry include Warsaw, Radom, Bydgoszcz, Swiecie, Kwidzyn, Radom, Paczkow, Radziej├│w and WI─śCBORKU. Accompanied by parents and sister took part in the game show Family TVP1 as the notes. He was the winner of the TVP 2 chance of success, and semi-finalists of the third edition of Idol Polsat (2005). For four years he worked in broadcast television Songowanie on the screen in TVP1. After graduating from the local II High School in the Maria Konopnicka Inowroclaw, in 2006 he studied acting Academy Theater. Aleksander Zelwerowicz. In 2007 he played at the XLIV National Song Festival in Opole in concert sky of my pages devoted to the work Seweryn Krajewski, where he performed the song "Do you hear what I say." His theatrical debut was the main role of the wealthy patron of the theater, Viscount Raoul de Chagny on the scene of the Warsaw Musical Theater "Roma" in the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera (2008), directed by Wojciech K─Öpczy┼äskiego. The concert to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Association of Authors ZAiKS emitted by TVP Polonia ZAiKS creators (12 September 2008) with John Bzdawk─ů, Wojciech Dmochowskim and Jacob Szyd┼éowskim perform the song "In Poland we" (lyrics by Wojciech Mlynarski music Jerzy Wasowski) Skald├│w hit "Respecting the memories" and, together with Paulina Janczak song "Small flat in Mariensztat" (from the repertoire of Irena Santor). November 7, 2008 at the Theater of Comedy took place on Polish premiere of the next hit from the West-End - the musical "Boyband, where he starred as the main character - the soloist and the leader of the band" Freedom "- Sean. Played the role of the Spirit in the graduation music dir. Waldemar ┼Ümigasiewicz Nobilium College Theater in Warsaw. Often took part in the dubbing: lent his voice to such Rahimowi, one of the heroes of the Polish version of a TV movie musical Disney Channel Original Cheetah Girls 3 (The Cheetah Girls: One World, 2008; u┼╝ycza┼é his voice in films such as The Princess of the Land of Elephants as Kuru, as the Princess and the Frog Prince Naveen, Joe Jonas Scooby-Doo and Strachy pata┼éachy as Fred, Irena Sendler's children as the Jewish father, a house on a big tree with Cuba, "" Batman: Brave and ruthless Paco / Hal Jordan / Green lantern / Red Tornado, SpongeBob SquarePants, Garfield and Friends, Farm by Otis and Rajdek - little racer. There is also a leading contractor for a series of 11 TV anime series Pokemon. Martin sings on the highlighted batch Raoul double-platinum album, Phantom of the Opera. In April 2009, finished recording a children's game show presenter Staraoke in London. The program started October 3, 2009 year - flies every Saturday and Sunday at 11:25 on Cartoon Network. From September 2009 to see Martin in certain sections of Name That Tune? where he sings the famous hits of the stars. From 17 September 2009 can be to watch the episodes in the drama program Bachelor of TVN Turbo. October 30 involved a number of Prime Minister Martin's new song Legend (The Legend), as in Eurovision Song Contest. In 2008, Martin raised a song, "Never felt like this, which, however, was not on the list jurorskiej the absence of musical notation, which did not participate in the contest. December 3, 2009 occurred in the concert "Best of the Roma" together with the ROMA Musical Theater Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz, where he portrayed the well-known musicals as listed in the Warsaw Theater: Chris (Miss Saigon), myszo┼éap (Cats) and Danny (Grease) Marius (Les Miserables).