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2010 Romania Eurovision Paula Seling and Ovi,Playing with Fire

Romania Eurovision 2010

Paula Seling is a Romanian singer and composer, radio DJ. She was born on 25 December 1978 in Baia Mare. She studied piano since she was 6. Also, she graduated from the “Bucharest Superior School of Journalism” in 2002. So far she has won awards and trophies such as: * “The Golden Stag” trophy in 2002 * ”Best Female Voice” at Romanian Musical Industry Awards 2002 * ”Best Artist in a Video” at MTV Romania Music Awards 2002 * ”Woman of the year” by “Avantaje” Magazine * Numerous awards in music festivals from Turkey, Skopje, Malta. She sang in duets with Al Bano, Anita Doth (from 2 Unlimited), Tony Hawks and she performed opening acts for Joan Baez (27 June 1997), Chick Corea (9 November 1998), Michael Bolton (7 July 2007), Beyonce (26 October 2007). Since 2006 she owns a small record company called “Unicorn Records Romania” . She will represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, along with Ovidiu Cernauteanu, with the song "Playing With Fire".