Cold-blooded murders
of Greek-Cypriot civilians
by the Turkish barbarians
in August 1996

Tasos Isaak (24) was beaten to death on 11 August 1996 with iron bars and clubs in the United Nations' controlled buffer-zone, between the government-controlled and Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus, during a demonstation protesting against the continuing since 1974 Turkish aggression of the island.

The perpetrators consisted of members of the so-called "Turkish-Cypriot Police", Turkish settlers illegally brought by Turkey in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus and members of the well known Turkish terrorist organization "Grey Wolves" brought to Cyprus by Turkey for the purpose of creating incidents as part of a counter demonstration.

Solomos Solomou (26) was among hundreds of mourners who entered the U.N. buffer-zone after Isaak's funeral, on 14 August 1996, to lay a wreath on the spot where he died. Solomou was shot dead at close range as he was climbing a flag-pole. Following an investigation by the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus the killers were identified and legal proceedings were taken against them, to be applied when they are found outside Turkey or the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus.
The two identified killers, both "officials" of the illegal Turkish-Cypriot regime, are:
1. Kenan Akin, "Minister" of Agriculture, Forest and Natural Resources (In an interview to "Aktuel" (31.Oct. 1996), Kenan Akin said: "Why are you making the killing of a dog sound to important?").
2. Erdan Emanet, "Chief" of "Special Forces" (replaced after the events).
Even Raouf Denktash, the leader of the Turkish-Cypriot community, was himself present, watching and photographing the last few moments of Isaak's life.
Both killings were witnessed by UNFICYP personnel (two of whom were injured by the Turkish shootings) and by the United Nations Force Commander.