The Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum

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Photos from the Bicommunal meeting which took place at the Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum on 24 October, 2004 under the aegis of H.E. the Minister of Interior Mr. Andreas Christou and Adrian van der Meer, the European Commission's Representative in Cyprus. The meeting was honored also by the presence of Doctor Eleni Theocharous, Member of the Cyprus House of Representatives.

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Photos from visit to the Museum:
From left: Visit by the students of the Ayios Lazaros Technical School , Larnaca






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Photographs from the First Photograph Exhibition of Classic Motorcycles which was officially opened on 24 March, 2006 by the Minister of Educcation and Culture Mr. Pefkios Georgiades. The ceremony was honored by the presence of the Mayor of Nicosia Mr. Michalakis Zambelas and the Members of the House of Representatives Mr. Giorgos Perdikis and Mr. Takis Hadjigeorghiou. The ceremnony was also attended by many firends of the Museum who were invited  from Cyprus (both Greekcypriots and Turkishcypriots) as well as from abroad. With the occasion of the exhibition, there was a lecture on "Safe motorcycling" which was given by the Road Traffic Adviser and ex-Police Officer Mr. Andreas Papas. A cocktail reception followed. (Photos by  courtesy of the very good friend of the Motormuseum Mr. Marios Kosmas).


Photographs from the visit to the Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum on 27 September, 2008 of Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Mr. Antonis Paschalides. With the Minister was also Mr Panos Englezos (Chairman of the Cyprus Tourist Organization) and Mr Christodoulos Angastiniotis (Chairman of The Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry). 

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Photographs from the participation of the Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum at Europa Donna event in Larnaca on 8 October, 2008


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