The Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum

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Photos were taken at the Vasiliou Winery in Athens and shows a BMW R25 motorcycle
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The new acquisition by the Museum - a 1914 New Hudson from UK
 CIMG3015.jpg (113791 bytes) CIMG3016.jpg (116923 bytes) CIMG3017.jpg (114285 bytes) Agusta_DSF2637_watermark.jpg (351532 bytes) Triumph_DSF2564_watermark.jpg (349042 bytes)
The Nicolaou family outside the Museum MV AGUSTA Scrambler
350 cc  1972 
Triumph T100R
DAYTONA 500 cc, 1972
 New Hudson_1914_DSF2585_watermark.jpg (355334 bytes) ARIEL_DSF2544_watermark.jpg (369199 bytes) BSA_DSF2622_watermark.jpg (256348 bytes) Matchless_DSF2608_watermark.jpg (343176 bytes)  
New Hudson Deluxe
1914, 215 cc
ARIEL Red Hunter
NH 350 cc 1939
500 cc 1940
Matchless G3L
350 cc  1941

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