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Stop genocide on Serbs in Kosovo! Liberate Kosovo form the Albanian terror!
17th March 2004
Systematical ethnical cleansing of every Serbian ghetto in Kosovo is being done by Albanian terrorists and desinformed mob. More than 20 Serbs were killed by machine guns and granates. Some of them were burnt with their homes.. Most of the Orthodox Churches and monasteries (some of them from 13th century) were burned to ashes.. One of the UN officials have called this night the Bartholomew Night..

Read on the Bartholomew Night on Serbs in Kosovo..

The latest NEWS of the Neobyzantine Web Site
November 2003
Registration of Chapters of the Neobyzantine Movement is taking place. Members of all the Regions are asked to take place..

Read on the November 2003 registration actions…
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Stop genocide on Serbs in Kosovo! Liberate Kosovo form the Albanian terror!
April 2003

Goraždevac, near Peć, (eastern Kosovo), 17 August 2003 : Only four days after the massacre on Serbian children in Gorazdevac, terrorists have attacked the same children again. This time, the target were the children in the very centre of the village, and by mere coincidence no one have died.

more on the attack..

13th August 2003

Gorazdevac, Kosovo, 13 Aug 2003 : Several young Serbian children have been shot by the Albanian terrorists while playing ... At least two children, at the age of twelve have died, and more than 8 other are in the critical situation..

more on the massacre in Gorazdevac..

April 2003

Albanian terrorists are systematically killing Serbs in the Kosovo, whilst the world community is neglecting the pain of peolpe, but was ready to..

Details on Albanian terrorism in Kosovo…

History of Albanian terror in the Balkan…

March 2003

Cyprus, an internationally recognised state is under occupation on the 1/3 of its territory since 1974..

monitor web site of>>

April 2002

Israeli army is killing Palestinians all around the Palestine just to escape to recognize the state of Palestine and to partially withdraw from the territories that has occupied since 1948...

Read on the genocide on Palestinians..

February 2002

Te Neobyzantine Movement and ENOTITA have started a procedure to unite the movements into one. For the Neobyzantine Movement, this project, named Neobyzantine.One has started on February, and the first phase will last 3 months.

monitor status of the new Neobyzantine.One process...

June 2001

Visit the WAP version of the Neobyzantine Web Site - from Your mobile phone or WAP-oriented PDA. From now on, the NBWS will be reachable from everywhere!

check from Your mobile phone!

March 2001

Read an announcement of the Neobyzantine Movement on the Albanian terrorism and expansionist ideas. The latest actions of Albanian terrorist organisations are the global problem of the Balkan region, and have to be stopped immediately.

October 2000

Neobyzantine Movement agreed to start talks with several Greek organisations to form ENOTITA - an organisation of pro-Byzantine Movements worldwide. Common goal of all these organisations is liberation and union of all Greek and Orthodox teritories and people. Thus NBM supports this idea.

October 2000

On October the 5th, Serbian people raised and threw the last dictator regime in Europe thus providing the way for integration with neighboring countries. They showed the world that it is possible to throw the very kind of regime without civil war. Serbia is free country once again. We appeal on everyone to support its freedom.

August 2000

The Neobyzantine Movement is about to present a web page for an online registration of new members. You can become an online member by giving some personal information on this page!

18-25 June 2000

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinoples is organizing Conference in Orthodox Youth. The theme of the meeting will be "The Young People in the Church in the Third Millennium", and will be held in the Convention Centre of the Hilton Hotel in Constantinoples, 18-25 June 2000. Our Movement will have the representative in the Conference.

28 May 2000

The Neobyzantine Movement and the Greek Liberation Movement have agreed to join their efforts in the common struggle for common causes.


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