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The prime Empire…

the Divine Order of the Empire over nations and people of the world

the Emperor Vasilios

The position of the Empire and the relations between it and other nations was a dynamic relation based on respect to the continuity of Rome and the Greek culture.

During centuries, it represented the continuity of hierarchy with the Byzantine Emperor (Imperator), the Ceasar, Vasilevs (Βασήλεβς) at the top, and many Kings, Duches, Vojevodas, and local rulers under. Even after barbarians took over some Byzantine teritories, they recognised the supreme authority of the Emperor - the one Emperor, like the One God. In this Divine Νόμος, or Order, could be only one Caesar (in Latin), Βασήλευς or Κέσαρος (in Greek), Keizer (in Germanic languages), Цар (in Slavic languages).

Значај Византије у животу Европе и однос Европе према Ромејима и Византији


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