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What could be found here?

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Flags of Orthodox Nations and States as DESKTOP ICONSFlags of Eastern Christian and Ortohodox Nations!

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FREE Screen Savers for download (Windows XP)

FREE Boot Skins for download (Windows XP)

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Download animateg National FlagsAnimated National Flags

FREE cursors inspired by Byzantium

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FONTS for download ! Greek, and Cyrilic letters included


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We have provided several downloads for You inspired by Byzantine history, culture and Orthodoxy. We hope You will enjoy it.

These stuff are developed, designed and provided by NEOBYZANTINE Movement (Software Labs, Multimedia Labs) and are freeware. To be informed on future releases, visit these pages. However, we have provided also some files for download that are NOT DEVELOPED by our Movement. These are shareware of freeware files that can also be found on other locations (we have placed links to them). Just follow these links if You don't have those programs installed on Your computer.


see : Instructions on installing our programs, icons and cursors

If you have any questions, contact us by mail, and put "NBWS" into Subject body of the message.



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