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About the Neobyzantine Web Site

Neobyzantine Web Site is an official web site of the Neobyzantine Movement, an organisation for pan-Orthodox and pan-Byzantine co-operation and unity. The site and the Movement are both non-profit, voluntary organisations opened for newcomers (fill the join form in order to become a member).

The site was first published in 1997 and was spreading an idea of Neobyzantinism in an unique way ever since. Since then the site has changed several web domains but essentially followed the same principles and ideas.


This site belongs to the Neobyzantine Panorthodox Movement, and is an official voice of the Movement. Its purpose is to promote and explain the idea of the New Byzantine Union and co-operation among Orthodox people world-wide.


This site is being hosted by the, an organisation funded by the Government of Cyprus.


The site provides a communication exchange Forum among members of the Movement and friends. A special List of Online members that use Instant Messaging programs like ICQ, AOL, MSM, YM! and other programs like Trillian, as well as Discussion Board opened for everyone is located in the Forum section.

In the Links section of the site is a selected group of links to relevant and thematically related pages that could be posted to us and will appear soon after on the site.

In the Gallery section are videos and audios related with Byzantine tradition, Orthodoxy and Neobyzantine Etno themes.

The Downloads section allows You select, download and later install programs, videos, audios, icons, wallpapers and cursors onto Your computer.

This site is opened for new ideas and new contributors. Therefore, if You think You could help this site become better, You could join the Neobyzantine Web Site Developer Group. Mail us, and inform us about You.

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