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Neobyzantine Web Site is an official web site of the Neobyzantine Movement, an organisation for pan-Orthodox and pan-Byzantine co-operation and unity. The site was first published in 1997 and was spreading an idea of Neobyzantinism in an unique way ever since. Since then the site changed several web domains but essentially followed the same principles and ideas.

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The most used charset in documents is Greek (ISO-8859-7), and some portions are using Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5), and Unicode (UTF-8). The site is also using frames, and extensively, Java Scripts.

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Meet the new millennia

We'll try to bring Byzantine culture, history, art and.. feeling to You via Internet. We hope You won't stay uninterested. What's going to be published here, anyway?

  • Announcements, news and plans of the Neobyzantine Movement
  • History, dynasties, family life in Byzantium
  • Rulers - their life, their origins and character
  • Orthodoxy - we'll take a look on its dogmatic and practice
  • Etno themes and gallery related to Byzantine tradition among Orthodox nations and nations of its world.

We'll publish, step-by-step, texts, audio, video, and pictures related with this theme. So, contents will change almost every week. If you would like to ask us any question, mail us and put "NBWS" into Subject of the message. You can mail us from here.

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NBWS stands for the Neobyzantine Web Site - an official web site of the Neobyzantine Movement © since 1997