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About the Neobyzantine.One project

Ideas and directions

The Neobyzantine.One was introduced by the Neobyzantine Movement and presented to any organisation that claims to share the same ideas like the NBM does ; i.e. it shares the notion that every Orthodox nation and nations that belonged to the old-Byzantine cultural influence have the same cultural legacy in common and should live together. Hereinafter, they could be called Neobyzantines.

Neobyzantine.One presents a global mesh of organisations, movements and individuals that feel they belong to Byzantine culture, and like or are delighted of Byzantium and its heritage.

However, the framework of the Neobyzantine.One is also opened for organisations of different programs but that are willing to discuss their views with members of the Movement. That means, not only Orthodox or Byzantine organisations are granted acceptance to the Neobyzantine.One. As a matter of fact, they are also welcome to discuss and have a debate.

Neobyzantine.One will not favour any specific organisation or institution of Byzantine orientation, but will try to bring these organisations together. As its name says - LET US BECOME ONE !

Contact us! Join us!

Future plans and schedules

Organise and make propaganda everywhere..

We will try to gather and organise every group that shares similar or common ideas into one organisation, ENOTITA which would co-ordinate the movements of these groups and aim to create public opinion for the cause, the Great Idea of Pan cosmic Orthodox Union.

Join us..

If You think You could help this site become better, You could join the Neobyzantine Web Site Design team. Mail us, and inform us about You.

You may also join the Neobyzantine Movement and become an active member if You fill the application form from this location.

the project

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