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Site requirements and recommendations

We wish You welcome to the pages of the Neobyzantine Web Site!

This site is designed for browsing with Internet Explorer 4.x, Netscape Communicator 4.x and Opera 5 browsers. We have tested it and adjusted some settings to gain best performance on these browsers. However, if You have earlier version of these browsers, You'll still be able to browse this site, but with limited options. Thus we recommend You install generation 4 and above of these programs.


This site is set with charset UTF-8 (Universal Type Font) and should be readable in virtually any browser of the new generation. However, if You have any trouble browsing the site, try switching manualy to UTF-8, or Universal encoding, as shown on the example below.

Seting of the Universal encoding in Netscape 6: (go to View>Character Coding>Auto-detect : select Universal)

Seting Universal encoding in Netscape 7

Therefore, You could set encoding on Automatic settings in Your favourite browser to User Defined.

Some pages may have been coded in ISO-8859-7 (Greek), and ISO-8859-5 (Cyrillic) as well. So, if the problem persists on reading declared language of the page, please select one of these character codings. If You still have any problems, please send us email.

Important downloads

Important Downloads

Neobyzantine Font

windows versionWindows versions

Windows TTF, ZIP archive (196 KB)

Mac versionMacintosh versions

Mac PFM, ZIP archive (120 KB)

Linux programsLinux versions

format TTF, ZIP archive (196 KB)



Java Virtual Machine InterpreterJava Virtual Machine - (Sun)

Sun Microsystems


Acrobat Reader (Adobe)

IMPORTANT for some pages

Macromedia Flash Player (Macromedia) (version 5 or higher)

IMPORTANT for some pages


We recommend you download some of the fonts (specially Byzantine ones) listed in the Downloads section of our site. Also, You could download some other programs recommended for convenient browsing experience.


We STRONGLY recommend You to set "Smooth edges of screen fonts" option on, which is located in Display Properties \ Effects of Your Windows. That option will give You much better visual experience in general.


Other programs we recommend You are some kind of Zip/Unzip utility like Win ZIP (Windows), GZIP or GNU Zip (UNIX/Linux/Macintosh), or Zip and Unzip (DOS).

In order to have full multimedia experience (to watch and listen to streaming video/audio clips), You should install Real Player (versions 7 and above), or Windows Media Player (versions 7 and above).

Recommended programs for download

Programs developed by NBM


Also see: Instructions on installing our programs, icons and cursors


If you have any questions, contact us by mail, and put "NBWS" into Subject body of the message.



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