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Το Nεορωμαϊκό Πανορθοδοξικό Κίνημα


Neobyzantine Panorthodox Movement

Announcements on genocide or attacks on Orthodox News and Announcements
Albanian organised terror on Serbs in the Serbian Province of Kosovo!

Albanian organised terror on Serbs in Kosovo.. Almost every vilage, church, monastery destroyed.. More than 40 Serbs massacred or burnt alive..

..17. March 2004

Petition for free Cyprus!

A petition for free Cyprus and the end of turkish occupation

Register the Movement at the Local Officials..

How to Register Your Local Branch information..

..year 2003 / 2004

Albanian expansionistic ideas in Kosovo..

..year 2003

cyprus is under occupation since 1974!

Cyprus, an internationally recognised state is under occupation on the 1/3 of its territory since 1974..

Read on NATO aggression on Serbia and Montenegro

March 1999

turkish genocide against Orthodox Christians during centuries

mass extermination of over 2 million Greeks of Asia Minor in the 1920ties

Regrouping and registering of the Movement at the local officials is taking place.. (November 2003)

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Announcements of the Neobyzantine Movement

announcements on the latest events and an archive; list of facts on the genocide on Orthodox people during centuries

ENOTITA process

process of Uniting movements of pan-Byzantine programmes and plans


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List of members of the Movement

How to reach Neobyzantine Movement

Why Pan orthodox Union? - the idea of Νέα Ρωμαϊα (ideas of the Neobyzantine Movement)

Program of the Neobyzantine Movement (15 February 2002)

Statute and organisational structure of the Neobyzantine Movement

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Contact information


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Orthodox Union

For centuries, Orthodox nations have suffered under foreign occupations which was often tyranny. Only together, as it was proofed in history, they lived in peace. In the century to come, in the new millennia, Orthodox world has changed like never before. More than ever they have been attacked and killed. And, only together, like in the Balkan War (1912), they won and liberated their people and territories. Maybe this millennia could be a sign for all Orthodox nations world-wide - to unite and form New Byzantine Empire. And that is our main goal, that's top of our strivings..

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