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Paphos Aquarium

The Paphos Aquarium invites you to enter a mysterious underwater world - to experience life in the fascinating realms of the deep.

Never before in Cyprus has there been an opportunity like this for learning about the mysteries of marine life. Now you can admire a spectacular array of colourful fish from different oceans, seas and rivers around the globe.

Step into a wondrous, watery world in the heart of Pafos. The Aquarium provides a unique undersea setting of skillfully illuminated caves and rippling water; a marine ambience so inventive as to be impressively lifelike.

Sea and freshwater fish comprise the superb range of species on view at the Aquarium, where no expense has been spared in recreating their natural environment as faithfully as possible.

Making full use of the latest marine technology, the Aquarium boasts equipment from the United States that includes special filters and up-to-the minute water circulation pumps.

Many types of fish from the Mediterranean - both common and uncommon - and exquisite, jewel bright tropical species disport themselves in 72 spacious, environmentally friendly tanks, one of which is for crocodiles.

Each of these tanks is imaginatively decked out to provide its occupants with elements of their own particular ecosystems. In this way the Aquarium creates an awareness of the importance of protecting the life and environment of the marine kingdom.

Specially designed lighting enables you to study the intriguing markings and beautiful colours of the different fish, and to watch them in their watery habitat.

A visit to the Paphos Aquarium is the perfect family outing. An excellent restaurant on the premises overlooks the town's picturesque port and its brooding castle, and there's a gift shop within the complex too.
The Aquarium is located in the heart of downtown Paphos, the popular west coast resort town of Cyprus. Bathed in centuries of history, Paphos ranks as a veritable treasure trove of antiquities some of which are still being unearthed in ongoing archaeological excavations..

OPEN Daily from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.


Paphos Aquarium
P.O. Box 1412, Kato Paphos
Next to Theoskepasti Church
Tel: 357-6-953920 Fax: 357-6-953919



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