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Cyprus SOLVIT Centre:

The CYPRUS SOLVIT Centre forms part of a European Network of similar Centres which are based at all Member States of the European Union as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

What is SOLVIT?

SOLVIT is a communication network between the Member States.  Its scope is to help European citizens and businesses solve problems they encounter with the public administration of the Member States, which derive from incorrect or inadequate implementation of the internal market rules.  SOLVIT works for the most efficient settlement of  problems, without the need of going to court.
SOLVIT is free of any charge.

Where SOLVIT can help.

The policy areas where SOLVIT has dealt with so far are:  Recognition of professional qualifications and diplomas, access to education, residence permits, voting rights, social security, employment rights, driving licenses, motor vehicle registration, border controls, market access for products and services, establishment as self employed, public procurement, taxation, free movement of capital or payments, etc.

Examples where the network may be of assistance.

-A  manufacturer of toys, who distributes  freely his products at the domestic market and he wants to expand his business to another Member State, encounters various problems with the public administration of the other M.S. , which asks, unreasonably at his view, further documentation and certificates (Barrier to the Free Movement of Goods).

-A public authority of a Member State,   does not consider for promotion, a holder of a diploma acquired at another M.S. where the diploma is recognized (Violation of the Principle of the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications).

How does SOLVIT work:

The applicant files a complaint by sending an e-mail, a letter, a fax or by visiting the SOLVIT Centre of the country of his residence (known as the HOME SOLVIT Centre).  The Home SOLVIT Centre will check if the complaint falls within the scope of the network and then enter it into the SOLVIT database.  The complaint will be automatically transferred to the SOLVIT Centre of the Member State where the problem occurred (known as the LEAD SOLVIT Centre), which will be responsible for solving the problem and finding a solution for the applicant.  The two SOLVIT Centres will be on contact throughout the period of investigation and the applicant will be kept informed of any progress.  The solution which will be proposed is not obligatory and the applicant can accept or deny it.

The CYPRUS SOLVIT Centre, as well as the other SOLVIT Centres at the Member States, accepts problems which might occur due to incorrect or inadequate implementation of the common market rules from the public administration of the Republic of Cyprus.


For more information on  SOLVIT and how it can help you or your organisation, please visit the website of the   European Union or contact the  Cyprus SOLVIT Centre.



Cyprus SOLVIT Centre,


6, A. Araouzos street,


CY-1421 Lefkosia (Nicosia)- Cyprus.



+357 22867207, +357 22867305, +357 22867346, or
+357 1429 Consumer΄s Information line (free call)

Facsimile (fax):

+357 22304916, +357 22375120





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