The mountain range of Troodos is the home of many of Cyprus villages and monasteries.Among them are very well known summer resorts.
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Platres, the most famous summer resort in Cyprus it's about 40 minutes from Limassol. During the hot summer months Platres offer nice cool weather for relaxation which make it the place to be.
Kakopetria, another summer resort with some nice restaurants offering traditional Cyprus dishes. A part of the old village has been restore for tourist attraction.
Omodhos, the center of Cyprus vineland. The Monastery of Stavros(Holy-Cross) is one of the most holy ones in Cyprus.
Lefkara, the village famous for its Lefkara Lace(linen openwork stitched with intricate geometric patterns). Lerkara is a pretty place to visit for relaxation and some shopping. During your visit there you will see many women sewing in the courtyards of their homes as their mothers did before them.
Kykkos Monastery, lies on the north-west site of Troodos mountains has one of the rarest icons of the world, Virgin Mary, painted by St. Luke. Next to the monastery on the top of the hill is the Throni(the chair of Virgin Mary) and the tomb of Cyprus first president, Makarios III.
About 20km west of the Kykkos monastery is Stavros tis Psokas, a forest station and the home of Cyprus's wild sheep, the moufflon.
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Another monastery is Macheras, 33km from Nicosia. Was one of the hideout during the E.O.K.A war and has a small museum with memorabilia of the 1955 war. Near by stands the statue of Gregory Afxentiou, one of the heroes of the war.
Finally, Troodos square with few cafes, restaurants and few small hotels offer the visitors a place to relax, eat and refresh themselves. Near by is the highest point of Cyprus, Mount Olympus(6,400ft).

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