Melina Mercouri




In Cannes for the premiere of the film based on "Christ Recrucified" (Celui qui doit mourir) with Jules Dassin and Nikos Kazantzakis

Melina Mercouri, then Greek Minister of Culture, admires one of Vika's sculptures. (Subsequently, the Ministry bought this piece, on Melina's recommendation)

Melina in "Life" Magazine

During Military dictatorship in Greece (1967-1974)

Melina was always politically involved,
she was expelled from Greece by the notorious Colonels' Junta in 1967 but eventually returned in 1974. In 1981 she elected with PA.SO.K. the socialist party and appointed Minister of Culture, position she held for eight and a half years (1981-1989 and October 1993- March 6, 1994).

"I was born Greek and I would die Greek. Mr. Pattakos was born a dictator and he will die as a dictator." Her reply to the fact that the Military dictatorship in Greece (1967-1974) in Greece had proclaimed that she was no longer a Greek citizen.


The poster from the drama movie "Stella",

directed by Michael Cacoyannis in 1955

The poster from the drama "The gypsy and the gentleman",

directed by Joseph Losey in 1958

Two posters for the movie "Never on Sunday" directed by Jules Dassin in 1960.

In this movie Melina was nominated for Best Actress 1960

The poster from "Phaedra",

directed by Jules Dassin in 1962.

The posters from the adventure movie "Top Kapi",

directed by Jules Dassin in 1964

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